Amazon Store Card or Amazon Prime Store Card Account Online Access Review

By Gavin | August 23, 2018

If you have an store card or Amazon Prime store card I want to show you how you can access your account online.


After login all the information display

Go to the site on the bottom of the register page, you'll have registered, you're going to click the Register button, and then you will add all your information in, you follow the process and then you're good to go.

Once you get your username and password you'll enter that information here, and then click secure login, this next page where you might see a pop-up, both the marketing, before you get into this portion of your account.

Next up is where all the information is, you got your summary activity, you can see activity statements, promotional purchases, disputing a charge payments, different ways that you can control your payments. You have your rewards, your FICO score, and then they'll be offers, and then services request, credit increase management, alerts and messages report, loss or stolen card, place card or closed account.

The other option you could do

You have a lot of option, the other option you could do is click I want to, and then you can do make a payment, view activity, make a state, view a statement, view my rewards, manage text and email alerts, and manage reoccurring payments. 


What's nice about the manage recurring payments? If you set it up to pay off every month or what amount you want to do then you don't have to worry about paying it every month and being late, because you don't want to be late, because there is a high-interest rate.

I also recommend paying off the card every month if, at all possible, you'll be able to see your balances, you're available, a lot of available limits, and then your payments as well, and then you can see I've got my reoccurring payments on security card.

I did not purchase that so that is an option, I have got my paperless statements on, so I don't get any statements in the mail, and I also do not get email alerts or texts, generally get an email let me know my statements ready, and then also let me know that the payments been done.

Your Amazon Prime store card earnings

Down here you've got your Amazon Prime store card earnings. You'll have your mountain here, and then you can click on view rewards, now the rewards are which are pretty standard that I'm aware of on orders, less than $149, you get 5% cash back for orders of $149 or more.

You can get either 5% cashback in a statement credit, and that's the same thing for less than $149, and that will be applied to your statement or you could do the special financing of 6 1224 months on purchases of $149 or more, and on select sold items.

You'll have your credit amount again your rewards as of your most recent statement you have earned, and then you'll have that information there.

How to make a payment

Next up just some of the things to show you how to make a payment. You can make a one-time payment or set up recurring payment, you could pick your amount, the date, and then you can pick your bank as well, and then you'll have your minimum payment due and your last payment, and then gives you all the information here, so that is on making a payment and choosing how you want to set that up.

Again I have mine on a reoccurring payment option, this is an offer, as you can see you can get your FICO score credit for free, at least this has offered me. You can see your score meter and then optional credit card protection.


Again these are just some promotions that will be available to me or are available to me, and you'll have your promotions available to you as well. Then if you find that you want a higher credit limit it will give you your current credit limit here, your balance, you're available to spend, and then you would put your income, and you would submit if you are looking for a credit limit increase.

Pay your card off in a timely fashion

Keep that in mind that's available, but just make sure that you're paying your card off in a timely fashion, and you don't have any outstanding monies that are owed, because that may lessen the chance of getting a credit limit increase.

These are just a few things I wanted to share with you on the backend, again it's very clear where you can get, and see this information, pay your bills. I don't go in here a lot, I generally check to see once a month, and then just making sure that the auto payments set up, and I'm good to go. I hope this is of help.

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