Amazon Late Payment Scam Synchrony Bank

By Gavin | August 23, 2018

I'm going over to the website, and I'm looking here, I'm logging in and I'm going to log into my account, and what I want to show you here is if I'm looking at the website and it shows that my payment is not due for 16 days made at 28, and about $300, 297 actually.


Go to do a live chat with Amazon's synchrony

I just wanted to put this out here, because if I'm pass through on my bill their website certainly doesn't make it look that way. I am going to go to do a live chat, and with Amazon's synchrony bank a credit card, thank you for contacting units typing.

I will check that for you. She wants two to three minutes and she's checking on it, but anyway I made this man, this is messed up, I wonder if they can even take a link, let me see if it'll even accept a link in my chat. Now we know it will take the link, I mean I just want to get her response first before I start shooting off videos.

I first want her to say that you're late the following agent, it's typing Allen, I see that we have not received the pavement on the due date which was 419 now. I will respond that why is it that. When I go to your website and check this my account status that it shows that my pavement is not due until May 20th.


The due date is passed but not inform

Here is a video I have uploaded to YouTube, as the due date has been passed the system shows the next due date. If your system does not show me that I am past due she says you'll take care of the lake see for me.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, I have noted your dissatisfaction and we will use your feedback to explore options to enhance our customer's experience. I mean as long as the late fee will be removed, I can live with that. I'm happy to inform you that I have waived the late fee for $35 in the new balance.

Why your system would not at least show my account is being passed it? Anyway, I will submit payment immediately, thank you, the only thing I can suggest is if you want to have your account paid on time the best thing you could do is set up your Google Calendar to remind you to cause their website it certainly isn't going to do it.

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