How to get 5% Cash Back at Amazon | SyncBank

How to get 5% Cash Back at Amazon | SyncBank

It shows how to get 5% cashback when shopping on, provides two options to do this, gives the advantages and disadvantages of both.

I'm going to show you how to get 5% cashback when shopping on, there are two options to do this here, and if you're doing a lot of volumes, if you're doing drop shipping and you're purchasing a lot of things, regularly you need to probably sign up for both of them, and I will go ahead and show you both of these, and then I'll give you the advantages and disadvantages of both.

The first one is the chase bank Amazon Prime card, and as you can see, here's the site right here, you would go to apply for that card, and let's just go to earn rewards here, and you can see you only get 3% cashback, unless you have an Amazon Prime account to attach to the account, so of course we all do that, so 5 percent cash back for any purchases on, and hold Whole Foods Market with an eligible Prime membership, and then you get 2 percent back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores 1 percent back on all other purchases, obviously these two pretty standard, but this one right here is going to be amazing, I mean I spend close to 150 thousand dollars a month at Amazon with my business, so you can imagine how crucial getting that 5 percent cash back is, it's definitely a game-changer.

The other one is the store card, and it's the same thing, it's five percent cashback, this one is by synchrony Bank instead of by Chase Bank, and you can see this, you get a $40 Amazon gift card when you sign up, pretty sweet, loaded directly into your account.

The problem with this card here is the synchrony bank card, it's very hard to pay it off, and those payments like getting in quickly if you have, I haven't tried doing like small payments, all my payments are typical $2,000 or more on, the time I make the payment or I submit the payment takes seven days from that time that the payment is submitted to when that credit balance is actually refreshing on that sync bank card, they say it's to help them with like fraud protection and stuff, in case I'm spending money and then taking it out of stolen bank account like stuff, like that they just want to make sure that the bank approves the transaction from my bank account to the card to pay it off, so it takes seven days, I guess it's just they have stricter security, whatever with this one it takes pretty much two days, so if I pay today in two days from now, I should see that credit balance refresh.

That's really convenient because if you need to hurry up and pay off the card, you can do that both of them, they both I've had no issues except with my Chase prime card, they did try to suspend it one time, and it's weird, like if you do too much volume on the card, they can think it's fraud, obviously just like any credit card, but you just have to kind of get some purchase history with them, and eventually the system will recognize that you're the type of person that's buying a lot of gift cards or buying a lot of products.

If you're going to be using this with sale freaks, the software that I teach people how to drop ship with, you're using this using these cards to buy gift cards, and once you buy those gift cards you send them to sale freaks, and sale freaks use the gift cards to buy the products. Now when you're buying a lot of gift cards from Amazon, they are going to flag your account as suspicious or not, I guess they're worried about fraudulent transactions because gift cards are a thing that has a huge fraud rate with them, because I make sense, because it's almost like cash, so if someone were to break into your Amazon account, steal your password whatever and start buying things, that's more likely that they would buy gift cards than actual products, so again you might get your Amazon account suspended, but you all you have to do is call in and get that Amazon account back up, if it does it again, keep on doing that after a month or so of calling regularly buying gift cards regularly, your account should be okay to be able to do that, so if you're using this for dropshipping, then that is definitely going to be one of the roadblocks that you're going to run into but it's not too hard to get over, just stay persistent keep going at it and keep buying gift cards regularly.

If you have any questions about these, I'm going to put links to these links in the description, and you can check that out if you want to do more research farther, but I highly recommend getting both of these especially if you are doing drop shipping from

Amazon Late Payment Scam Synchrony Bank

Amazon Late Payment Scam Synchrony Bank

The only thing I can suggest is if you want to have your account paid on time the best thing you could do is set up your Google Calendar to remind you to cause their website it certainly isn't going to do it.